Career Stories

Keith Lau

BA in Language and Communication, PolyU (year 2005)

Senior Inspector of Hong Kong Police Force, HR Branch

Living Out His Superman Dream


We all know that Clark Kent lives a double life as Superman in the namesake movie other than his alternate identity as a reporter. While it is true that Superman’s utter inspiration has been influential, not many are able to have faith and live out that childhood dream.


“Superman has always been my idol – that’s why I want to become a reporter, and I also want to fight for justice.” When an opportunity to join the police mentorship program arose during his sophomore year, Keith was ready to stick to his guns and he never thought his career path would later proved to bear some semblance of Superman’s dual identity.


After graduating from PolyU with the Bachelor degree in Language and Communication (now Chinese and Bilingual Studies), Keith continued to pursue a Master degree in Communication (Media Concentration), which lead him to becoming a reporter and news anchor with Hong Kong Broadband Network and i-Cable TV prior to joining the Police Force in 2008.


Given his media background, Keith was handpicked to Police Public Relations Branch (PPRB) and served as the presenter of Police Magazine, a time-honoured TV programme that aims to advocate the co-operation between citizens and police in the fight of crime.


No matter which role he was serving, communication has always been the essentially basic determinant of success. “Back to those days when I was still a news anchor, instead of relying on the prompter, my partner and I often tried to become more interactive in order to engage the audience.” Same thing he applied to produce each episode of Police Magazine by getting fully involved to ensure every single episode was targeting at the right segment and filming content was always up-to-date. During his capacity, Police Magazine’s increasing popularity had given other high-quality TV programmes a run for their money as indicated by the TV Programme Appreciation Index Survey.


When being asked if there is any advice he would like to share with CBS students, without much hesitation he said “study exchange and internship”. Keith himself was an exchange student to Cambridge University for a two-month summer programme through his own effort in seeking information from external institutions. He took the chance to improve his English proficiency because he firmly believed that language skill is important in achieving success no matter which field you’re in.   

On reflection, Keith showed a beam of satisfaction and said: “I’m very glad that my dream comes true.”