About Us


CCI – Corporate Communication International is a world-class, research-driven educational center in Corporate Communication.

CCI offers information on the best practices and theory of the profession to practicing professionals, scholars, and university students through professional seminars and symposia, traditional publications, electronic and on-line media, briefings and white papers, and traditional university courses.

Devoted to the theory and practice of corporate communication, Corporate Communication International provides vital information for corporate practitioners, as well as scholars, policy makers, and the general public.

Corporate Communication encodes and promotes:

  • Strong corporate culture

  • Coherent corporate identity

  • Reasonable corporate philosophy

  • Genuine sense of corporate citizenship

  • An appropriate and professional relationship with the press

  • Quick, responsible ways of communicating in a crisis

  • Understanding of communication tools and technologies

  • Sophisticated approaches to global communications

How an organization communicates with its employees, its extended audiences, the press, and its customers brings its values to life.

In connection with its minor program Bilingual Corporate Communication, the Department of Chinese & Bilingual Studies (CBS) signed in 2011 an agreement with CCI for collaboration in program development, research and exchange of staff. The launch of the HKC is one of the outcomes of this collaboration.  This agreement has been in active since then, with the recent launch of the new Master program in Bilingual Corporate Communication.


The mission of CCI – Corporate Communication International is to enhance the performance and reputation of corporate communication as a strategic management function; and to be the number one choice of both practicing professionals and scholars for information and knowledge on corporate communication.


To extend the vision and mission of Corporate Communication Institute (CCI) to Hong Kong, and to be a local center for information and knowledge on corporate communication.

Corporate Communications International is established to serve as:

  • A bridge between theory and practice, by bringing students, practicing professionals and scholars together to share information and ideas.

  • A resource center for the continuing education of professionals through briefings, symposia, forums, conferences, and white papers.

  • A clearinghouse and integrator of knowledge from a variety of academic disciplines relevant to the theory and practice of corporate communication.

  • An incubator for primary research in corporate communication, making a contribution to overall organizational performance.

  • A partner for corporations and other organizations wishing to conduct applied research.

  • An advocate for professionalism in corporate communication, by conducting research and offering forums on topics relevant to the field.

  • A leader and catalyst, helping to define the research agenda for the field of corporate communication.