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Our Alumni’s Career Stories

With a long tradition in nurturing bilingual professionals, CBS has developed a strong alumni network spanning across various industries in the corporate and public sector. Their success is something we would like to celebrate and pass on to stimulate inspiration and new growth.

Need help navigating career options to join the field of Corporate Communication? Click on the video to take a look at some possible future through a career lens and know more about professional communications in the workplace. Then click on the profile pictures and read some of our recent alumni feature stories to get inspired!

​BA in Language and Communication, PolyU (year 2005)
Senior Inspector of Hong Kong Police Force, HR Branch ​

“Communication has always been the basic determinant of success.”

BA in Language and Communication, PolyU (year 2006)
PR and Communications Manager, Hong Kong Football Association

“We help Hong Kong Football to get back its pride and win back the heart of the public”

BA in Language Studies for the Profession, PolyU (year 2008)
Manager, Strategic Financial Relations Limited ​

“The overarching intent was to attract the right attention and set the stage for a strong long-term investor and media relations”

BA in Chinese and Bilingual Studies, PolyU (year 2012)
Marketing Officer, (F&B group)

“We put much effort into brand building in order to engage effectively with an increasingly diverse customer segments.”

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