Career Stories

Kylie Chan

Bachelor Degree in Language Studies for the Profession, PolyU (year 2008)

Manager, Strategic Financial Relations Limited

Flourishing in the PR industry


Kylie graduated from PolyU in 2008 with a major in Language Studies for the Profession (now Chinese and Bilingual Studies).


As a fresh graduate, an entry-level position in one of the Big Four was a fine start that would likely bloom into a promising future. Kylie earned herself a spot in the marketing division but later she decided to leave and join a second-tier accounting firm with a similar position to learn about event management in the financial industry from the ground up.


By the time she finished her master’s degree in Corporate Communication, Kylie had already been offered a new job in her current firm under the Strategic Public Relations Group (SPRG) as a senior executive before rising through the ranks as a manager in the area of Financial PR. Her clients are mainly listed companies in Hong Kong that she would routinely attend to their filing of annual report, media statement release and guard against all sort of possible PR crises.


One of her most memorable experiences was probably her first handling of a company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO). “A complete IPO communications – from the prospectus filing to the listing and end of the quiet period – the overarching intent was to attract the right attention and set the stage for a strong long-term investor and media relations that would be crucial to the company’s standing in the industry.” Thinking back to the moment when she first saw her client hitting the “Gong” during the Market Open Ceremony in HKEX, “I was overwhelmed with excitement and joy... hard work really pays off.”


When being asked about her view on the shifting paradigm of PR industry in relation to the digital communication dominated by social media, Kylie was concerned about the ever-changing media landscape especially recent years have seen new online media springing up like mushrooms. “Given there are more communication mediums than ever, the best we could do is to stay abreast of the latest trend and development and find the most credible media outlets to send out our messages on behalf of our clients.”


Kylie welcomed all CBS graduates who have a study focus on corporate communication to join the PR industry. “Solid bilingual skills, ability to multitask and attentive to details – these are among some important requirements for one to succeed in the PR industry.”

Like many others, having had no clue at first as to which career path would be a better option upon graduation, Kylie has proved to make a remarkable headway in her chosen profession. “I staunchly believe that opportunity comes to those who are prepared.” Apparently, it is this belief that has helped her to garner a flourishing career.