Career Stories

Samson Chun

Bachelor Degree in Chinese and Bilingual Studies, PolyU (year 2012)

Marketing Officer, (F&B group)

En Route to Becoming A Marketing Specialist


Graduated from PolyU with a major in Chinese and Bilingual Studies in 2012, Samson is a young energetic fellow zealously building his career in the area of marketing communications.


He worked as an in-house PR prior to joining one of the largest F&B groups in Hong Kong as a marketing officer in the quick service restaurant line.


“The essence of marketing can be summed up in what has been termed the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion), and that’s mainly what I do. Meanwhile we put much effort into brand building in order to communicate with different customer segments for each product we have.”


Samson finds creating marketing slogans one of his greatest interests and achievements so far. While it is appropriate to say that consumers today are so used to being deluged by hundreds of carefully crafted marketing messages, at the same time it implies a greater challenge to marketers as well.


“Within content marketing, we need to understand our target audience and have something catchy that can be etched in their mind.” Samson certainly did well in this area, with his recent slogan to encourage tray return habit lauded by famous author Lilian Lee Pik-wah where she mentioned it in one of her columns on Apple Daily.  


To him, even a small compliment gives him every reason to keep on pursuing career success in marketing.


Looking back on his experience when studying in CBS, Samson especially appreciates bilingual workshops carried out in a quasi-workplace environment that offered him valuable and practical knowledge, such as oral presentation and parallel text drafting in the corporate context, which he later realized are transferable skill sets that could be re-applied to his jobs.